Zeba Sathar

Family planning

Zeba Sathar loves her job. After leaving a role at a Pakistani government research institute, she joined the Population Council as a research fellow in 1994, conducting research on fertility and family planning. She was riveted by the power of evidence to challenge pre-conceived notions and bridge divided stakeholders into a shared vision of what works to improve lives.

In 2002, she became the Country Director of the Population Council office in Pakistan, overseeing all research conducted in Pakistan, and she has been in that role ever since.

In recent years, Zeba has spearheaded groundbreaking collaborative work with the Pakistani government, using the power of Council research on fertility and maternal mortality as a foundation for increased investment in family planning and reproductive health services.

Family Advancement for Life and Health (FALAH)

The FALAH project increased use of family planning and birth spacing services by removing barriers and expanding knowledge to protect the health of women and children.