Saumya RamaRao

family planning

Saumya RamaRao was the fifth and final child in her family. Her mother, a firm task-master, continued to push Saumya to the next level of education, further and further, beyond the boundaries of what Saumya even knew was possible for a young girl in India. From an undergraduate degree to a master’s degree in econometrics and finally, a PhD in economics with specialization in demography from the University of Southern California, the world of possibilities for Saumya continued to expand.

It’s that spirit that she carries with her into her career as a researcher.

Today, Saumya conducts on-the-ground research to identify specific reproductive health needs and uses that research to expand the range and quality of services available to women and men across the globe. Her research has helped inform the potential expansion of a progesterone vaginal ring – a three-month contraceptive option for breastfeeding women – into Kenya, Nigeria, and Senegal.


The Progesterone Contraceptive Vaginal Ring: Expanding Contraceptive Options in Africa

The three-month progesterone contraceptive vaginal ring (PVR) provides breastfeeding women with an effective, user-initiated contraceptive option. This study explores the opportunities for and barriers to the ring’s introduction in sub-Saharan Africa.