Charlotte Warren

Maternal and newborn Health

A nurse by training, Charlotte has extensive experience in research, policy, and program development in maternal and neonatal health, reproductive health, family planning, and primary health care.

Her first nursing job out of the hospital was in a refugee camp in East Sudan during the Ethiopian famine of 1985. After working in a refugee camp following the Rwandan genocide, Charlotte started to ask herself–how could she help more than several hundred people at a time? What was the bigger picture around prevention? The answer for her: research.

Today, Charlotte’s work has helped prevent deaths by pre-eclampsia and eclampsia and reduce disrespect and abuse during childbirth. She may not be a pediatric nurse in refugee settings anymore, but her work is improving maternal and newborn health on a global scale.

ending eclampsia

This project will save women’s lives by expanding use of proven interventions to prevent and treat pre-eclampsia and eclampsia.

Frontline health

Council research is supporting the strengthening of frontline health worker programs in seven countries to improve health services for underserved populations.