Aparna Jain

Family Planning

Aparna Jain obtained her PhD in population health from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and today focuses her research on contraceptive use dynamics, including what leads women to continue or switch contraceptives, the provision of contraceptives through community level private pharmacies and drug shop owners, and the barriers to sexual and reproductive health services experienced by adolescents.

Growing up in a family of researchers, Aparna’s parents reinforced the value of education—so that she and her sister could pursue their own dreams. It was only after two years in India working with young women and adolescent girls that she more fully recognized the opportunities she had as a result of her parents’ own emigration to the United States and wanted to enable others to have similar choices in their lives.

Being allowed to pursue her own path led Aparna, as well as her sister Anupma, to follow in the footsteps of their father Anrudh Jain, a preeminent researcher at the Population Council for 47 years, and establish their own legacies as a new generation of female researchers.



The Evidence Project uses implementation science—the strategic generation, translation, and use of evidence—to strengthen, scale up, and sustain family planning services to reduce unintended pregnancies worldwide.