Alejandra Colom

Girls’ Empowerment

An anthropologist by training, Alejandra Colom has conducted research in Guatemala, Belize, Benin, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, East Timor, the United States, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Growing up in Guatemala during a brutal, decades-long civil war, Colom’s parents went to significant lengths to shield her from the violence around them. Despite their efforts she was directly and indirectly exposed to the lasting effects of the conflict and felt a responsibility to do something.

It is this commitment to her community that fuels her work on Abriendo Oportunidades, a program that provides indigenous Mayan girls with skills and support to improve their lives through mentors from the community. To date, Abriendo has reached thousands of girls and built an ever-expanding network of young indigenous mentors. Today, the program is led on-the-ground by a former mentor.

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abriendo oportunidades (“Opening Opportunities”)

Abriendo Oportunidades provides vulnerable Mayan girls in Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico with skills and support to improve their lives.